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Words can not express the simplicity and beauty that went into Kate and Ben's wedding on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Kate and Ben are one of those couple who are very style savvy to begin with. So, it is no surprise that they did a incredible job designing this wedding along side of their super hero event planner Cathy Teeters of Beautiful Weddings in Bloomington, IN.  She enabled the wedding day to go off without a hitch.  We had a little bit of heat but not enough to bring down a crazy wedding party. 

Kate knows a thing or two about weddings she is the editor of Bride-Buzz a wedding blog for daily wedding inspiration. When you see the details of the wedding invitations, the ceremony cards and the place setting menu you can say she knows her stuff. Even the little map that she created that was in the gift bags for all of the out of town guest.

 If you have never been to Bloomington, IN you should. There is more there than just IU Basketball! We fell in love with the city and look forward to going back.

This week we are  doing things a bit different, so leave a comment if you like it this way. I am not going to do a online showcase for two reason. One there were just to many details with this wedding that I wanted you all to see. The second reason is this, in about two weeks we will have a teaser of their Black Label Project.  Andy, and myself shot about 15 rolls of super 8 film. We had a blast and Andy is working on a teaser right now. Please stay tuned for that. We are really excited about this Black Label Project of Ben and Kate's wedding.

Some fine vendors who made all this possible

Event Planner: Cathy Teeters
Florist: Cathy Teeters
kb01.jpgkb02.jpgkb03.jpgkb04.jpgkb05.jpgkb06.jpgkb07.jpgkb08.jpgkb09.jpgkb10.jpgkb11.jpgkb12.jpgWho doesnt love some good family images! This also was the same church that Kate's mom and dad we married as well as thier grandparents. How about that for tradition.kb14.jpgkb16.jpg

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(07.23.10 @ 07:00 PM)

Jeff and Julia, Ben and I are DYING over these pictures. You guys are just simply the best, and you captured all of the elements that, yes, I did just slightly obsess over for the past year. We can't thank you enough for being part of our big day. Love, love, love these photos and you guys. Can't wait to see the video! --Kate

(07.24.10 @ 11:02 AM)
Tom Templin:

Jeff and Julia, thanks for awesome pictures. We are so happy for Kate and Ben and you and Jeff have made their wedding even more special with your talents! I can't imagine anyone better than you.

Thanks again, Tom and Sarah

(07.24.10 @ 02:17 PM)
Cathy Teeters:

Jeff and Julia are the BEST. Simply amazing photos of the most amazing couple! This was a wedding that we really looked forward to and would love to do it again!

(07.25.10 @ 08:59 PM)
Dawn Luniewski Erney:

Somehow I continue to stumble across your work and am so inspired and impressed. You both make a wonderful team. You are very blessed and your clients are so fortunate.

(07.29.10 @ 06:34 AM)
Susan Forney:

The photos capture the stunning couple and fabulous event!!! A grand time was had by all.

(07.30.10 @ 07:36 PM)
Lynn McMahan:

Could you please send me prices for shooting a wedding/ reception , Thanks Lynn

(08.04.10 @ 08:29 AM)
Cathy and David:

Gorgeous images you guys! The details are amazing, and I love the shot of the confetti exit.

(08.07.10 @ 07:13 AM)
Korey Wysocki:

WHOA - I'm speechless. These are just gorgeous pictures. They actually come close to doing justice to how beautiful Kate (and Ben) are. So sorry we had to miss the wedding. What a wonderful blessing these amazing pictures are. (I'm jealous) ;)

(08.08.10 @ 01:44 PM)
Olivia Leigh:

Gorgeous couple and stunning photos! Love the reception decor. So fun.

(08.26.10 @ 02:38 PM)
angel canary:

absolutely beautiful! ;) ;)

(11.05.10 @ 06:23 PM)
replica rolex:

Jeff and Julia, Ben and I are DYING over these pictures. You guys are just simply the best, and you captured all of the elements that, yes, I did just slightly obsess over for the past year

(05.09.11 @ 11:30 PM)